Written by September Williams

Chasing Mercury (2017,  Novel.)

When We Are Asked:About Crossing Over ( Screenplay 2015)

Dance For Joy (2008)

The Last Note (2005, working title 5 Things) television pilot

Place (2005 feature fiction)

RSong (2004) feature fiction

When Hell and Music Made Heaven ( feature fiction/2001)

The Butterfly Lot ( animated feature treatment, 2001)

Value Added: Diversifying the Health Care Workforce (audio, 45 min 2004)

Lucky and Merlot (2005 stage play, Film Treatment 2001)

Tulsa to Taos (fiction /feature, 2001)

City of Angels Episode “Osceloa Thanksgiving” (spec script 2000).

Vision (stage play 2004,/ film 2000).

Babies and Fools (feature/fiction , 2000)

The Breast of Venus (2004).

The Butterfly Farm ( 2008) Animated /Feature Treatment)