FOR SAMA: Bioethics, Conflict Journalism, Concerned Photographers & Humanitarian Law

As I write, I have just finished screening FOR SALMA the second time since this summer. Today is the broadcast premiere of the film on PBS-Frontline USA and Channel 4 internationally.  My film review: FOR  SAMA  Bioethics, Humanitarian Law and Withdrawal of Medical was was first published on November 18, 2019,  by Bioethics.net  "Where the World Finds Bioethics" and I ask you to read it at that site. But after today's viewing, I had additional thoughts.

With her co-director Edward Watts, Filmmaker, journalist, and mother, Waad Al-Kateab has created an enduring document of war--particularly the World War, referred to as the Syrian Civil War--currently being fought at the expense of the regular people of Syria and it's adjacent regions. Waad Al-Kateab has distinguished herself as a cinematographer, director, and journalist. She has told a uniquely womanistic, family-centered story wrapped in a sublime but hard-hitting war documentary. Her work moves the viewer to compassion--followed quickly by anger and responsibility which may yield a change in the depicted circumstances. 

     Director Waad Al-Kateab and  her husband featured in FOR SAMA Hamza Al-Kateab 

With the film  FOR SAMA, Waad Al-Kateab brings the twenty-first century to a cannon of conflict photographers/journalists the perspective of a woman, and one raised in Islamic culture at that. She joins the ranks of the best of  Concerned Photographers and Journalists. I list them here to urge readers to seek out their works.  Among Waad Al-Kateab's ilk are: Nick UtMargaret Bourke-WhitePhilip Jones-GriffithsHenri Cartier Bresson, Moises Saman, João SilvaTim Hetherington,  Don McCullinRobert Capa and the one who inspired me to write the novel, Chasing Mercury, learn photography and film -- and honestly even to practice medicine, William Eugene SmithConcerned photographers and journalists not only document but move the observer to compassion and action. 

Your viewership can determine the breadth and depth of FOR SAMA’s influence. FOR SAMA’s WORLD BROADCAST PREMIERE was Tuesday. November 19, 2019. However, you may see it in rebroadcast and help expand the film through. Check your local PBS Station to view the FRONTLINE EPISODE: HERE